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MVP AWARD 1998 - 2016



Google hat Google Sites gelauncht als Zusatz zu den schon bekannten Google Applikationen. Goolge Sites ist eine Teamarbeits-Umgebung und positioniert sich also in Richtung SharePoint-Konkurrent. getestet habe ich es (noch) nicht - hier ein paar Fundstellen zu dem, was im Netz dazu geschrieben wird:

Google Blog: Bringing it all together

Meet Google Sites, the newest addition to the Google Apps product suite. It was designed to allow you to easily create a network of sites and share them with whomever you choose. Google Sites lets you pull together information from across Google Apps by embedding documents, spreadsheets, presentations, videos, and calendars in your sites. Of course, we also harness the power of Google search technology so your search results are always fast and relevant.

Google Goes After Another Microsoft Cash Cow

Google Sites: What's all the fuss?

Video Demo

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