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Michael Greth [SharePoint MVP]

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14.-17.11.2016 ESPC 2016 Wien 



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MVP AWARD 1998 - 2016



Geht nicht ist vieleicht die erste spontane Antwort, denn auf der Startseite eines SharePoint Portals findet man (im Gegensatz z.B. zu einer Themenseite) keinen Link für Benachrichtigungen. Mart Kruger hat sich einen Workaround dazu einfallen lassen

Many of you are probably like me and want to be notified of any listings that are added to your portal no matter how much you “trust“ other administrators and content managers... However, the portal listings do not allow for alerts which is not acceptable in my eyes.  With most lists on the home page, you can setup your portal alerts on a list/document library basis and even at the area level.  However the home page is a completely different animal.  You can't setup your alerts on the home pager area as you can for other areas and the listings dont offer the same alert functionality that is offered in other lists.  However, here's a workaround in which you pass the CatID found in the URL for the Portal Listings and Home Page into the alert javascript call.  I've done the steps numerous times but havent had anyone run through the documented steps below so please let me know if you have any trouble.  It's really not that hard if you are familiar with javascript ;)

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